Sarah Lymer The Legacy Learning Trust

Sarah Lymer

The Legacy Learning Trust (TLLT) is a multi-academy trust (MAT) currently with two schools in its trust and based in the North East in Middlesbrough.  TLLT is founded on firmly held beliefs that education and learning are about high expectation, high aspirations and opportunity regardless of background, where learners should be supported to achieve their very best in the classroom and are encouraged to develop as well rounded individuals who are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

The co-founders of The Legacy Learning Trust are the schools of Acklam Grange School and Linthorpe Community Primary School.  As two highly successful schools, who individually and in collaboration, have improved outcomes for children, demonstrated financial efficiencies and provided exceptional professional development of staff, we wanted to secure this partnership and protect our schools going forward.  Rather than joining an existing trust and potentially lose some of our unique character, we wanted to be the leaders creating our own multi academy trust (MAT), so that we can lead the way, keep our characteristics and build upon the huge success that we have had to date.

The Legacy Learning Trust has 6 very clear strategic aims:

Develop and nurture outstanding leadership and management in and across The Legacy Learning Trust.

Secure good or better quality of education including a rich, purposeful, broad and balanced curriculum. 

Foster excellent behaviour and attitudes.

Promote excellent personal development and spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.

Improve and achieve excellent outcomes across each phase.

Be a highly effective MAT with academies which run efficiently, which are well organised and value for money.