Core Values

The TLLT family are committed to:

We pride ourselves on:

  • Strong relationships
  • High expectations and aspirations
  • Equality and equity
  • Celebrating diversity

All decision making is underpinned by our TLLT values, which are lived out as a golden thread through the ethos of and work in our schools. This can be seen:

  • A vibrant, broad and balanced curriculum for all learners
  • Raising aspirations and overcoming barriers to learning
  • The way in which we value all staff and their contribution to school life
  • The provision of endless opportunities beyond the school day
  • A truly inclusive community where individuals thrive
  • Excellent outcomes which prepare learners for the next stage in their journey


The board of trustees of The Legacy Learning Trust is required to approve a governance structure for the Trust which must be:

  • Compliant with DfE requirements, company and charity law;
  • Scalable and so adaptable to growth or change within the Legacy Learning Trust;
  • Reviewed annually by the Trustees.

The governance structure complies with the Academies Financial Handbook and the Articles of Association.

The vision and aims of the Trust are implemented through effective governance:


The Legacy Learning Trust is governed by non-executive directors constituted under a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.  The members are responsible for:

  • Approving the Articles of Association
  • Appointment and removal of Trustees
  • Securing the highest standards of accountability from Trustees for the provision of all learners in the Trust
  • Appointment of the Trust’s auditors and receipt of the trust’s audited annual accounts.


Trustees are responsible for:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of each school and its learners, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the trust and making sure that money is well spent.

The Trust has a maximum of nine Trustees with a range of responsibilities including the CEO.

Local Council Members

Local Council members are responsible for:

  • Overseeing the running of the school in terms of learning, standards, safety and wellbeing.
  • Holding local academy/school leadership to account for academic performance, quality of care and provision.
  • Overseeing and monitoring the effectiveness of learning strategies.
  • Considering budgeting monitoring information.
  • Representing the views of the community
  • Supporting the Headteacher in recruitment and selection, other school processes where appropriate.

Each Local Council has a maximum of 9 members, 2 of whom are parents and 2 of whom are staff.