Admissions Arrangements

Linthorpe Community Primary School 

The Legacy Learning Trust is the Admissions Authority for the Schools.

These arrangements are established in accordance with Annex 1 of the Academy’s Supplemental Funding Agreement.

The Local Authority (LA), Middlesbrough Council, its LA Admissions Team will co-ordinate all admissions and this is referred to as the coordinated admissions scheme.

For admissions, appeals, and school service advice please contact:

Mrs S Craster
Admissions and Appeals Officer
Acklam Grange School
01642 277700

Admissions Reception Class September 2023

Admission Appeal timetable

In accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code, Admission Authorities must set a timetable for organising and hearing educational appeals. The following timetable applies to appeals for admission to Linthorpe Community Primary School. Reception Class in September 2023.


16th November 2022

Letters sent to parents with common application form and online details

15th January 2023

Closing date for return of forms or online applications to LA admissions team

March to April 2023

Preferences considered

16th April 2023

Emails and/or letters to parents confirming outcome of application


Appeal Hearings as required

The timetable for primary school admissions, including appeal dates, can be found on the Middlesbrough Council Website. 

Please see the Policy below for Additional Notes